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Spam Policy

oasis-ecuador is powered by Elvoline S.à r.l., therefore Elvoline S.à r.l.'s Spam Policy applies.

As a responsible member of the tourism community this site maintains a strict policy forbidding any third party from sending promotional emails on behalf of the site, neither solicited nor unsolicited. This means we go beyond merely prohibiting spamming. Simply put, we don't let anybody else send emails on our behalf. Moreover, the site itself only sends emails to people who have registered on the site. These two policies constitute our strong anti-spam policy.

What is this Anti-Spam Policy about?

Briefly, Elvoline S.à r.l. does NOT TOLERATE SPAM in any way! In order to protect our clients from annoying spammers, we investigate and also report every single incident to the authorities! Our registered members may receive a newsletter with our latest news if they want to - they can sign up for our Newsletter or cancel it with one click.

What is spam?

Spam is an unwanted message, generally with commercial content, sent in large quantities to an indefinite set of recipients. The word 'spam' originally referred to a canned meat product and was used in a popular Monty Python comedy sketch, thus many other uses of the term have emerged. Spamming is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, chat room spam, etc. 'Unsolicited bulk messages' mean unwanted messages in large quantities (some define 10 as a large quantity, others say a few hundred is a large volume) with the same content, message or randomized text.

Which sort of advertising is considered as SPAMMING?

Basically, any electronic advertisement, e-mail or message that has been sent without the recipient's permission - meaning the recipient didn’t send a written voluntary permission to the advertiser - is SPAM. ('permission' is defined as real, actual permission - a public e-mail address posted on a website, in a newsgroup, mail list etc. is NOT permission)

Elvoline S.à r.l. takes complaints about spamming very seriously, and those who are responsible for the activity will meet with repercussions. Spamming is a serious offense. DO NOT send messages or e-mails to anyone unless you have permission from the recipient to do so!

Spammers will have to face harsh consequences. Any person affiliated with Elvoline S.à r.l. in any way (affiliate, hotel, supplier) that breaks our anti-spamming rules by not complying with our Spam Policy will get their account - including all funds - suspended immediately.

Where can I report spam?

To report a spam, please contact us through our contact form.